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It’s not easy working two jobs, let alone three. I don’t like to count the mom hat as a job, but it takes a great deal of energy being a mom and throw a day job and a clothing company in there with other commitments on the side (supersized) I can be a bit overwhelmed.  It does make it a lot easier to imagine the Trinity, however, when I think of the multiple hats I wear on a daily basis.

Wake up and make my kiddo some breakfast, mom hat….Go to work, put on the Boss, #1 Slave hat….Come home and back to Chef, Cleaning Lady, Mom, Friend, Wife, Animal Trainer, you name it hat. Sometimes I think I get the hats mixed up, like the time I was reading bedtime stories to the cats. Just kidding. If I can be 6 persons in one me with no superpowers, I know God definitely has the Trinity lined out.  And sometimes when I’m praying or just plain begging, I think I just might have enough spirit to keep it all where it needs to be…in perspective. Made in His image I know I have the ability to do many good works, I just trust that I keep my priorities straight and honor the gifts He has blessed me with.  My family is everything and I know who holds it all in His hands.  Happy Wednesday.  Stay Calm and Mom On.