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Our Story

Putting Love into Action

Trinity Clothing began with a conversation that started in church with God.  I was struggling with the idea of a Christian Clothing Company, after all, I know nothing about selling clothes, just an avid wearer like most of us!

While God spoke to me that day, it wasn’t until almost 10 years later that my daughter received a similar message from God to pick up this baton where I had left it sitting.  Like most of us, I was too busy putting my head down, working my “real job”, paying bills, and raising my daughter (as a single mom).  Heaven forbid I open an ear to Him and start the creative work he inspired me to do.

In a midnight conversation with God, my daughter (then 17) received the call to ignite trinity.  She received inspiration for some designs and I added some uniquely inspired logos.  Together we make quite a team, a trinity albeit, with Christ in the middle. 

At some point in that midnight conversation Kendal asked if she could stop and go to bed, the proverbial, are we done yet?  God answered, “My daughter you will never be finished, there will always be more.”

TrinityClothing is about PUTTING LOVE INTO ACTION and BEING THE SHEEPDOG.   I have always liked the idea of being the sheepdog.  He works for the Shepard with always an ear to the Shepard.  He works to keep the flock together and remind them of the goodness of community and he is never afraid to do battle with the wolf!  I am super excited to promote our Men’s clothing line with this message as well!   

 The future of Trinity is to successfully promote the good news.  To remind us that making a statement for God is bold, beautiful and fierce.  Some of our messages are simple clean support of our Freedom’s and Morals.  Help us share the message, and let’s go BIG before we go Home.

J. Kirk, CEO


“The values a company embraces are not just another marketing tool,  like a logo, but rather the mission statement for how a business treats and cares for the people who interact with or work in it.”



– Dina Dwyer-Owens (Taken from Values, Inc.)